User FAQs

What does Envoy charge to pick up and deliver ?

Below are our fixed prices for pick-up and delivery services. Users can obtain a price estimate using the app or desktop version by entering the pick-up and delivery details. The pricing structure is based on mileage:


- 1-3 Miles: £18.00 per mile

- 4-6 Miles: £6.00 per mile

- 6-10 Miles: £4.50 per mile

- 10 Miles and above: £4.00 per mile


This transparent pricing system empowers our users to calculate and understand the cost of their deliveries based on the distance to be covered.

If i tell my airline i want envoy to pick up my luggage would that be possible?

If your luggage has been lost, you can make your way to your hotel. When your luggage arrives, you can use our app to book a pick-up, and we can have a driver there within minutes. Airlines often send lost luggage out, but customers may have to wait a day as they perform multi-drop deliveries of all lost luggage. However, customers can state that they will be using Envoy for the pick-up, and the airline should cover the fee. This process helps expedite the return of lost luggage and provides customers with a convenient and efficient solution through our platform.

could i book a pick up for my luggage or lost luggage?

Yes, through our app or desktop version, you can book a driver to pick up your luggage and deliver it to any airport or hotel, provided that someone is there to receive and sign for it. Additionally, we can also facilitate the pick-up of your lost luggage, offering a convenient and reliable solution for our customers' travel needs.

can i only send from one address thats stored within my account?

Absolutely, you can set up a pick-up and delivery from any location you desire. Whether you're at your business needing a parcel picked up for delivery to a customer, or you need to arrange a pick-up for your mobile phone that you left at a friend's house or a restaurant, our service accommodates these diverse pick-up and delivery needs. Our flexible and comprehensive solution is designed to streamline logistics and meet the varied requirements of our users.

Are drivers insured for courier work ?

Absolutely, it's crucial for all Envoy drivers to have courier insurance in place to fulfill deliveries through the Envoy platform. Envoy efficiently communicates to drivers that it holds no responsibility for their insurance and emphasizes that it is the individual driver's responsibility to ensure they possess the relevant insurance before accepting pick-ups and deliveries via the app. This forthright stance ensures that drivers acknowledge the significance of securing proper insurance coverage before engaging in delivery services through the Envoy platform and underscores the importance of compliance and individual accountability in this regard.

Is it cheaper to use a black taxi courier or standard london courier?

Envoy's pricing structure is based on the taxi meter, providing customers with a fair and transparent set rate determined by mileage. This approach is informed by careful research indicating that typical London courier companies often charge higher rates than black taxi meters. By aligning pricing with the taxi meter, Envoy aims to offer customers a cost-effective, competitive, and reliable delivery service. This strategy allows Envoy to consistently deliver an enhanced level of service, facilitated by a network of trusted and dependable drivers.

can i track my delivery?

Envoy ensures transparency and convenience by enabling users to track their deliveries in real time. Once a driver has accepted a delivery job, both the user and the driver gain access to each other's direct contact details to facilitate seamless communication throughout the pickup and delivery process. Additionally, Envoy provides a smart messenger feature within the app, allowing users and drivers to exchange updates and messages as needed. This commitment to open communication and real-time tracking enhances the overall experience by making the entire process of pickup and delivery more efficient and user-friendly.

Does envoy pick up lost items like phones or keys etc?

Envoy's services are designed to offer convenient solutions for situations where customers may have inadvertently left behind important items such as phones, keys, passports, or other valuables at locations like restaurants or hotels. By utilizing the Envoy app or desktop version, customers can promptly book a pickup with one of Envoy's London black taxi drivers, ensuring that their forgotten items are collected within minutes and swiftly dispatched for delivery. This approach not only provides a seamless and efficient process for the retrieval and delivery of lost items but also eliminates the need for customers to incur the costs of two separate taxi journeys for collection and return. Through the app, customers can also leave specific delivery or pickup instructions on the job ticket, allowing for a tailored and personalized service experience.

Does Envoys black taxi drivers operate outside of london?

Envoy's extensive network comprises over 20,000 black taxis in and around London, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the city and its surrounding areas. This large fleet operates at various times throughout the day, enabling Envoy to offer seamless and reliable service both within and outside of London, all seven days of the week. This commitment to accessibility and availability underscores Envoy's dedication to providing convenient and flexible transportation and delivery options for customers.

Furthermore, as part of our expansion plans, Envoy is actively exploring opportunities to extend our services to other cities that are home to black taxi fleets. This strategic initiative aims to broaden the reach and impact of Envoy's services, making the benefits of our trusted and efficient delivery and transportation solutions accessible to customers in multiple urban centers.

can i cancel my delivery booking ?

Envoy's cancellation policy is designed to ensure fairness and accountability for both customers and drivers. If a driver has not yet accepted a delivery job, customers have the flexibility to cancel their request and receive a full refund. However, once a driver has accepted a job, a cancellation will incur a charge amounting to 12% of the booking fee. Moreover, if a driver has already indicated that they are on their way to pick up the delivery by pushing the "on my way" button, and the customer still wishes to cancel, a charge equating to 40% of the booking fee will be applied. This is because, at that point, the driver would already be committed to fulfilling the job, and the cancellation may cause disruption to their schedule and commitment.


By implementing this cancellation policy, Envoy aims to maintain a balance between the needs of customers and the commitments of its drivers. This approach not only respects the time and effort exerted by the drivers but also ensures that the cancellation process is fair and transparent for all involved parties.

Driver FAQs

what does Envoy charge drivers ?

When accepting bookings through our platform, please be aware that we apply a 15% fee to all transactions. Importantly, Envoy's pricing model ensures that drivers still earn more per mile compared to a black taxi meter, even after our 15% charge, for jobs under 6 miles. For longer journeys exceeding 10 miles, we offer a flat rate to our customers of £4 per mile. For further details on our pricing structure, we encourage you to review our comprehensive FAQ section.

Do drivers need to take out insurance to work on Envoy ?

Drivers need to ensure that they are insured to undertake delivery services in their Black Cab. By accepting a delivery order, drivers are confirming that they have the appropriate insurance in place for the service they are offering. It's important for drivers to understand and comply with the insurance requirements related to transporting items while providing delivery services.


In the interest of ensuring comprehensive coverage, drivers may obtain additional insurance through their insurance provider to cover the items they will be transporting. It's crucial that drivers acknowledge that the package is their responsibility while they are providing the delivery service. This emphasizes the importance of securing the appropriate insurance coverage to protect both the driver and the items being transported.


To address insurance considerations, drivers should proactively contact their insurance company to inform them that they will be performing courier deliveries alongside their taxi duties. This step is necessary to ensure that it will not affect their policy. In many cases, insurance companies can add courier insurance to a driver's existing policy, providing a seamless solution for comprehensive coverage across both taxi and courier services.


However, if their insurance company is unable to offer this coverage alongside their taxi insurance, drivers can reach out to Plan Insurance at 0800 542 2743. Envoy has partnered with Plan Insurance to provide coverage specific to this need, and drivers can leverage this partnership to secure the appropriate insurance coverage for their combined taxi and courier responsibilities. This proactive approach can help drivers navigate the insurance landscape effectively and ensure they have the necessary coverage to operate within the defined parameters of their combined taxi and courier services.

How much do drivers get paid per mile?

1-3 Miles £18.00 Per Mile

4-6 Miles £6.00 Per Mile

6-10 Miles £4.50 Per Mile

10 Miles + £4.00 Per Mile

- 15 % Fee

How long does it take to receive payments?

Envoy pays drivers every 2 days after deliveries have been received by customers. This quick payment cycle ensures that our drivers have timely access to their earnings, contributing to their financial stability and satisfaction with our platform.

Can i pick up passengers if i have a delivery onboard?

Drivers are not permitted to pick up a passenger while they have a delivery. All deliveries are expected to be dispatched and delivered as soon as they are picked up. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of packages and to prevent any incidents of package theft. Additionally, missed delivery times will be noted, and the driver's account will be deactivated. This measure is intended to uphold service standards and ensure a reliable and secure experience for both customers and package recipients.

What happens if a driver accepts a job and the customer cancels the delivery ?

Envoy's approach to handling cancellations ensures fairness and accountability for both customers and drivers. If a driver has accepted a job and the customer subsequently cancels the pickup, the driver does not receive any payment for that particular job. However, if the driver has indicated that they are on their way to pick up the delivery by pushing the "on my way" button and the customer then cancels, the driver will receive a £5 fee to compensate for any inconvenience caused.


It's important to note that Envoy diligently monitors these cancellations to uphold the integrity of the system. If any driver is found to be deceitfully using the "on my way" button without genuine intentions of picking up the delivery, Envoy will not only withhold the £5 fee but also refund it to the customer. Subsequently, the driver will face deactivation from the system and be barred from accepting any further jobs. This stringent monitoring and consequence structure reflect Envoy's commitment to maintaining a reliable and trustworthy network of drivers for the benefit of its customers.

What happens if drivers cancel jobs?

Envoy allows drivers to cancel jobs as needed, acknowledging that unforeseen circumstances may arise. However, to ensure a consistent and reliable service for customers, Envoy actively monitors booking cancellations. If a driver accrues three or more cancelled jobs, their account will be subject to deactivation. This measure is in place to uphold a high standard of service and reliability, fostering a trustworthy and dependable network of drivers within the Envoy system. This approach reinforces Envoy's commitment to providing customers with consistent, professional, and reliable delivery services.