User FAQs

What does Envoy charge to pick up and deliver ?

Below are our fixed prices, users can get a price via the app or desk top version price is based on mileage by entering the pick up and delivery details,  

1-3 Miles £18.00 Per Mile

4-6 Miles £6.00 Per Mile

6-10 Miles £4.50 Per Mile

10 Miles + £4.00 Per Mile

if i tell my airline i want envoy to pick up my luggage would that be possible?

if your luggage has been lost you can make your way to your hotel and when your luggage arrives you can book a pick up via our app and we can get a driver there in minuites,airlines like to send lost luggage out but you the custmer have to wait a day this is so they can do muilti drop of all lost luggage,just state to your airline your using envoy to pick it up and they should pay the fee

could i book a pick up for my luggage or lost luggage?

yes booking through our app or desktop version you can have a driver pick up your luggage and deliver it to any airport or hotel as long as someone is there to recive and sign for it,we can also pick up your lost luggage

can i only send from one address thats stored within my account?

no you can litterally set a pick up and delivery from anywhere you want, you could be at your business and have a parcel picked up to delivery to one of your customers, or you could post a pick up to pick up your mobile phone that you have left at a friends or restarant etc,

what insurance does envoy provide?

Envoy covers customers up to £10,000 goods in transit cover for items delivered.

is it cheaper to use a black taxi courier or standard london courier?

Envoy has designed its pricing around the taxi meter the customer gets a set rate based on mileage ,our research showed that london courier companies charge more then black taxi meteres in london so we offer a better service with trusted reliable drivers. 

can i track my delivery?

all deliverys can be tracked by the user at any time of the delievery,once your driver has accepted your job the user and the driver have each otheres direct contact details to make the whole process of picking up and deliveing easier,we also have a smart messenger within the app for updates if need be.

does envoy pick up forgotten items like phones or keys etc?

yes if you have left your phone keys or passport for example at restaurent or hotel etc.. you can book a pick up via our app or desktop version with one of our london black taxi drivers straight away and they we collect your items within minuites and dispatch to you straight away,this would save you the customer having to pay 2 taxi journeys to colllect and return you, you can leave special delivery or pick up instructions on the job ticket.

Does Envoys black taxi drivers operate outside of london?

yes we have over 20.000 black taxis in and around london comming in and out of work at all different times of the day, so we are able to work outside of london as much as inside of london at all times 7 days a week for your convienance.we are also looking to provide work in other citys that have Black Taxis.

can i cancel my delivery booking ?

Yes you can cancel your delivery and recieve a full refund if a driver has not accepted your job, but if the customer cancels the job after a driver has accepted the job you will be charged 12% of the booking fee, if the driver pushes the on my way button and you still wish to cancel you will be charged 40% of the booking fee as our drivers would be commited to the job and on his way to pick up your delivery. 

Driver FAQs

what does Envoy charge drivers ?

We charge 12% on each job which is deducted before we send the payment to the driver.

Do drivers need to take out insurance to work on Envoy ?

Envoy covers Goods in transit, and liability insurance, but drivers need to contact there insurance company to let them know they will be doing deliveries and if your insurance company can not offer this coverage along side there taxi insurance then you can contact Plan Insurance on 0800 542 2743 as Envoy Taxi App Ltd has teamed up with them to offer this coverage.

How much do drivers get paid per mile?

1-3 Miles £18.00 Per Mile

4-6 Miles £6.00 Per Mile

6-10 Miles £4.50 Per Mile

10 Miles + £4.00 Per Mile

-12 5 fee

how long does it take to receive payments?

we are aiming to get a faster payment system in place for 1-2 day payment,from lauch payments could take up to 4-5 working days.

Can i pick up passengers if i have a delivery onboard?

For Insurance reasons you can not pick up a passenger whilst you have a delivery, all deliverys are expected to be dispatched and delivered as soon as they are picked up, also for the saftey of passengers and to stop any packages being stolen. If you miss your delivery time it will be noted and after 3 strikes your acc will be deactiavted.

what happens if a driver accepts a job and the customer cancels the delivery ?

If a Driver accepts a job and the customer cancels the pick up the driver does not get paid anything, If the Driver pushes the on my way button and the customer cancels the driver will get a £5 fee for the inconvenience.

What happens if drivers cancel jobs?

Drivers can cancel jobs at anytime, Envoy will monitor these booking cancellations and will deactivate drivers accounts if we see 3 or more cancelled jobs.